Switch to root user ubuntu how?

Step1: Press CTRL+ALT+T.
Step2: Type following command sudo su and press enter.
Step3: Provide the root password and press enter.
Step4: Now you are root.

We've detected a problem with your cookie settings(firefox) help?

Problem: Is this your problem?


Step1: Press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL.

Step2: Make sure Everything is selected is Time range to clear and Cookies,Cache are marked under Details
Step3: Press Clear Now
Step4: Restart your browser.

How to Monitor System performance in linux(ubuntu)?

Step1: Go to Dash Home
Step2: Type System Monitor and Click on it.

Step3: Select Resources in the pop up window.

Auto Shutdown your ubuntu system how?

Step1: Press CTRL+ALT+T
Step2: Type the following command
            sudo shutdown -h +t         (t in minutes)
          sudo shutdown -h hh:mm

     sudo shutdown -h +60 (system shutdown's after 60 min)
     sudo shutdown -h 13:10 (system shutdown's at 1:10PM)

How to enable two-finger Scrolling in Ubuntu?

Step1: Click on Dash Home
Step2: Go to System SettingsMouse and Touchpad

Step3: Select Two-finger scrolling under Touchpad

How to Switch between Virtual Consoles?

Ubuntu provides you with two consoles
 *Graphical Desktop
 *Text based Console

Step1: To switch to text based Console press (CTRL+ALT+F1)
Step2: To Revert back to Graphical Console press(CTRL+ALT+F7).

Install ubuntu as second operating system using windows installer

Step1: Go to Following Link(Windowsinstaller) and click on Get the installer.
Step2: Select any of the option at the bottom of page Not now,take me to download(free) or paywithpaypal(Donation).
Step3:Save the Wubi.exe file and install it after download.
Step4:Click on Continue and fill the options like installation drive,size,environment,username and password and press ok.
Step5:After the download click on reboot now.

upgrade or update your ubuntu version from terminal how?

Step1 : Open new Terminal(CTRL+ALT+T)
Step2: Type the following command
           * sudo apt-get update
           * sudo do-release-upgrade

After a while it will ask you Do you want to upgrade just press yes/No.