Find how much google storage left for your account?

You may already noticed that now you can use 15 GB of google space shared between Gmail,Google Drive and Google+ instead of 5 GB for Drive and Google+ and 10 GB for Gmail.

Google just want's it's user to make the space compatible to all the three products.

If you want to find how much space you already used ,go through the following steps

1) Click on the following link Google storage space
2) login through your account (if you already haven't). Then the image in the right show your used space.
5 GB used of available 15 GB space

0.28 GB used of Total available 15 GB

 If you want the increase your storage space google offers you with different plans which you can go through  and select one.

Switch to root user ubuntu how?

Step1: Press CTRL+ALT+T.
Step2: Type following command sudo su and press enter.
Step3: Provide the root password and press enter.
Step4: Now you are root.

We've detected a problem with your cookie settings(firefox) help?

Problem: Is this your problem?


Step1: Press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL.

Step2: Make sure Everything is selected is Time range to clear and Cookies,Cache are marked under Details
Step3: Press Clear Now
Step4: Restart your browser.

How to Monitor System performance in linux(ubuntu)?

Step1: Go to Dash Home
Step2: Type System Monitor and Click on it.

Step3: Select Resources in the pop up window.

Auto Shutdown your ubuntu system how?

Step1: Press CTRL+ALT+T
Step2: Type the following command
            sudo shutdown -h +t         (t in minutes)
          sudo shutdown -h hh:mm

     sudo shutdown -h +60 (system shutdown's after 60 min)
     sudo shutdown -h 13:10 (system shutdown's at 1:10PM)

How to enable two-finger Scrolling in Ubuntu?

Step1: Click on Dash Home
Step2: Go to System SettingsMouse and Touchpad

Step3: Select Two-finger scrolling under Touchpad

How to Switch between Virtual Consoles?

Ubuntu provides you with two consoles
 *Graphical Desktop
 *Text based Console

Step1: To switch to text based Console press (CTRL+ALT+F1)
Step2: To Revert back to Graphical Console press(CTRL+ALT+F7).

Install ubuntu as second operating system using windows installer

Step1: Go to Following Link(Windowsinstaller) and click on Get the installer.
Step2: Select any of the option at the bottom of page Not now,take me to download(free) or paywithpaypal(Donation).
Step3:Save the Wubi.exe file and install it after download.
Step4:Click on Continue and fill the options like installation drive,size,environment,username and password and press ok.
Step5:After the download click on reboot now.

upgrade or update your ubuntu version from terminal how?

Step1 : Open new Terminal(CTRL+ALT+T)
Step2: Type the following command
           * sudo apt-get update
           * sudo do-release-upgrade

After a while it will ask you Do you want to upgrade just press yes/No.

Check your ubuntu version from terminal how?

 Step1: Open new terminal (CTRL+ALT+T)
Step2: Type the following command " lsb_release -a" and press enter.

Know which process is using highest cpu in your ubuntu from terminal?

Step1:Open new terminal (CTRL+ALT+T)
Step2: Type "top" command.

Check the %cpu column and command column to know which process is using the cpu most.

Where to write from and to address on envelope?

  From address : Top left
  To address: Middle or bottom right

How to use vim in ubuntu from terminal?

Vim is kind of a bit different from the normal text editors

 Step1: Type "vim abc.txt" in terminal to edit abc file.
Step2: Press "i" to edit the file.
Step3: After you have done editing press esc key and then ":wq" to save your changes.

Text editors to work on ubuntu from terminal?

   Editor1: command "gedit filename.txt"
   Editor2:command "emacs filename.txt"

   I personally prefer vim to edit my files from terminal


Know your wirless network information from terminal ubuntu ?

  Step1: open new terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) or work on existing terminal
  Step2: Type "iwconfig" and press enter.

 This will displays your wireless information

Change to root user from the terminal ubuntu?

 Step1: open new terminal (CTRL+ALT+T)
Step2: Type "sudo su" on terminal and press enter
Step3: Type the root password now.

        You are root now.

How to SSH into university systems from ubuntu?

 Step1:Open new terminal (CTRL+ALT+T)
 Step2: Type ssh and press enter
 Step3: Enter the password now.You are done.

How to write output of a c program into a file and store it?

 Step1: Compile your c Program using command: gcc main.c -o main
 Step2: ./main >filenametostoreoutput.txt

Find posts copied from your website/blog how?

  Use the copy Scape Plagiarism checker.

Step1: Go to the website
Step2:Provide your blog address in the search bar provided.
Step3: Click go

Resolve the Host name using ip address how?

Use the command "host" to get host name syntax: "host ipaddress"

blogger2help@ubuntu:~/Desktop$ host domain name pointer


How to tar a folder from ubuntu terminal?

Step1:Press "CTRL+ALT+T" to open new terminal
Step2: Go to desired folder to make it tar file
Step3: command : tar cvzf abc.tar abc

How to install itunes on ubuntu quick and easy ?

Step1: Open Terminal(CTRL+ALT+T)
Step2: Type following command "sudo apt-get install playonlinux"
Step3: Type "playonlinux" on terminal
Step4:If there is a pop up error says "playonlinux cannot find 7z" press ok to install it.
Step5: press Next
Step6:Click install from the menu's at the playonlinux window.
Step7: Type "itunes" in search bar available and click install to get your itunes

How to Move from one work space into another work space ubuntu?

  Press "CTRL+ALT+LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN" to move to desired work Space in ubuntu..

Keyboard Short to Lock Screen in ubuntu?

   Press "CTRL+ALT+L" to Lock your ubuntu desktop Screen

Sort elements using libre office Calc in ubuntu ?

1) Select all the rows or the rows you want to be get sorted.
2) Go to Data -> sort on the menu bar.
3) select the column on which the rows need to be sorted.

How to run c++ program in ubuntu ?

        Use the following command to run c++ program in ubuntu

         1) press CTRL+ALT+T
         2) go to the folder where the file exists using "cd foldername".
         3) g++ main.cpp -o main

      If g++ wasn't installed in your computer install it by using the following command

           sudo apt-get install build-essential

How to run c program in ubuntu?

 To run c program in ubuntu open a new terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) and navigate through the folder where the code exists using (cd Foldername).

Use the command gcc to execute c code.

  1) gcc filename.c 
  2) ./a.out


  1) gcc filename.c -o filename1
 2)  ./filename1

If gcc is not installed in your system using the following command to install the compiler and related packages

            sudo apt-get install build-essential

How to open a newterminal from existing terminal in ubuntu?

If you want to open a new terminal you can just press "CTRL+ALT+T" this will take you to default "home" directory.

Use the following command to open a new terminal from the existing terminal with in the working folder itself

                      "gnome-terminal "

The new terminal is in same folder "/Desktop/Project3$"

Open a new Terminal in ubuntu (keyboard shortcut)

            Press CTRL+ALT+T to open a new terminal in ubuntu.

How to remove from your blog url hosted in blogger?

This is possible but it will cost you $ need to buy your own domain for that.Initially my blog was "" now it is ""

Follow the below steps to have your own domain name:

*Go through your blogger dashboard
*Click on the Settings
*Then in Publishing below your blog address click on +add a custom domain.
*Choose your own domain name and proceed to google checkout to buy the domain.

After you are done with buying the domain.All the existed traffic to your blog with be redirected to the new url.

Download youtube videos Easy and Quick

Here is an add-on from Firefox which helps you to download you tube videos directly from the browser with out any additional software.

Go through the link and click on "add to Firefox".

 Easy youtube video downloader from mozilla

or directly click below to install plugin

               Easy youtube video downloader plugin

Restart the Firefox you will have to able to see "Download" button at the bottom of every video which you view in youtube.

Scan systems connected to your network from ubuntu terminal?

Install "arp-scan"->command: "sudo apt-get install arp-scan"  && Scan the 
 required interface->command: "sudo arp-scan --interface=eth0 --localnet".

Command to find your ip address from ubuntu terminal?

      Open ubuntu terminal(CTRL+ALT+T) and type "ipconfig".

How to Change your ubuntu password from terminal?

 Press (CTRL+ALT+T) && Type "passwd" enter your current unix password and enter new unix password.


How much does it cost to have your own domain name for blogspot websites?

My blog is initially having the following domain name "" .I don't want my blog to be ended with "" so it cost's me $10 to have my own domain name .

Now my blog name is "".

If you belong to the same category and you want to change your blogspot domain name read the post below.

How to have my own domain name for blogspot blogs?

How to Run Netflix in Ubuntu

3 Simple Steps to make Netflix Run on your ubuntu:

1) Open your terminal (CTRL+ALT+T)

2) Type the following command on your terminal:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ehoover/compholio
sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get install netflix-desktop

3) You are done !!!!!!!! 

Go to Dash home at the top left and search for netflix-Desktop.

Enter your netflix username and password.Enjoy your show