Sorrow -Success strategy:Every individual needs to remember it

         when u start  recalling your past achievements ( quite happy one's) more often  mean that  your path to success is filled with your own obstacles .

    why  am i saying so? because all of we know that "Sorrow is the only one thing which makes an individual succeed in life"  i.e   like humiliation's by others due to poverty,lack of knowledge,appearance etc.To overcome those humiliations we try to achieve something that is called an achievement.On the way to our final achievement(i.e goal) we come across many small and medium scale achievements with which we are quite happy when compared to our initial situation and start's leaving the rest which keeps you satisfied for that time.

 After a few weeks or month's or years you start feeling that "i should n't stop at that day".

        The more time you remember the "Sorrow"The more you get "Success" in life.I think we can name this  as "S-S" (sorrow -success) strategy  i.e sorrow leads to success. and even the reverse may also happen quite often that we discuss in our future posts.

                    Happy to hear your opinions........