What will i do when i don't like someone?

            Before answering this question .Firstly we must know that if we don't like someone mean that "certain qualities of that person" is against our own qualities, that's it .nothing else than that.

              We must  stick to oppose that quality in that person than entirely hating him.
if we don't like someone(lets a colleague) then it is better n't to talk anything bad about him in-front of others because there may be a chance that a certain character like "speaking bad against all whom u don't like" may develop in u .This will entirely spoil both u'r attitude and degrade u'r position in public.

    It is better to be quiet at all matter's of the one whom u don't like unless and until there is no damage to u.even though he may speak something bad about u only try to protect yourself than re-attacking him.
this will increase Ur dignity among the rest of people.