What to plan for future?

                     My answer to this question is "Nothing".

       When i started to read the life story's of many  successful person's .most common situation many of  they came across is that "they wanted to become something and in reality they became something"  i.e if he dreamed to become doctor but became an actor.

    This is because if one knows what they really r  then their dream (i.e   to become in future) come into reality.else  gets reversed.In course of our daily life span  its the nature decides what is opt for u .

        why i am saying so? is that anything molded upon itself that is via nature or naturally is the best one for ever .In the same way certain qualities in u come to reality upon without knowing to u itself.we must leave to go naturally (i.e when ur heart says to do something,u come up with another).

       The nature itself decides the best successful  field for every individual.we just need to wait for the time to come.and when if comes .we need to put our efforts in it.