single easy step to double your adsence income?

         The only single easy step is :

               just try the different layouts of ad-sense units with different colors ,placement areas ,link units etc. 

           Every blog has its own top earning spot which we just need to figure it.if we are n't testing our adsense units means we are just leaving our top earning spot and confined our earning to one which is a part of it.

        just give a try, and use u'r adsense effectively.

       waiting  to listen u'r experiences ...........................................

When can i quiet my job?

              A simple answer is :

          when you exists in one place and your passion exists in other place, better you can quiet out of your job.

  what happens if i continue in the same job which i was n't interested?

        if u are doing so means u are limiting your own capability to become something else which you are happy of doing and even something bigger than the present one.

          The day by day challenges which u need to meet in your job are n't met effectively unless and until it becomes u'r field of interest or love,ultimately u loose both happiness and even reputation.

       Any thing which u love to do gives u the best outputs when compared to all of Ur works which in turn earn you both money and fame.more over you are filled with happiness  which can't be valued.

            Happiness is the key to every success.