My initial concentration on blogging

       In the initial stage of blogging i just want to concentrate more on Quantity than on Quality (it doesn't mean Zero value posts)

    .First of all we should know that one thing happens on the cost of other for example more quality posts such as research oriented needs Time where as less common posts on topic doesn't .After a countable no of audience i am going to concentrate on quality .

    Why i do this?
                We at-least need some audience even to read those quality posts.

My Confidence of starting a blog

            When i first thought of creating a blog ,i feared that i can't find audience.Later i came to know that for any topic we choose to write definitely there are people who love that niche and even your style of writing.So felt that the fear is unnecessary.

       Leave the fears that stop's you for blogging ,start first and think later after starting it .

Precaution need to be taken while writing a New post

         First of all we need to search the web whether the post on it (Topic you thought of writing it)already existed.If it already existed try to check the intensity of the posts i.e Quantity.if it is highly  populated post then better of leaving it or at least change the title and search for better keywords to your post  title.

      Even though there are posts on that topic that are n't up to mark then you can write the missing content on that posts.

    A new post which doesn't existed in web till now is the one which brings good traffic to your blog (if it has significant amount of searches).


How to make user friendly blogs?

             For any blog to be successful and to give fruitful results you need to optimize it for users.Optimizing user friendly is nothing but making the user comfortable with your blog.

  For example let's say u have a blog on education(let it be a higher education) those who want to pursue their higher education checks mainly for cutoff's for universities admission , application deadlines , courses offered by a university. If we are going to provide these information easy to find in your blog then u'r blog is a user-friendly one.

           Concentrate on the first thought of the visitors who visit your blog.


Sorrow -Success strategy:Every individual needs to remember it

         when u start  recalling your past achievements ( quite happy one's) more often  mean that  your path to success is filled with your own obstacles .

    why  am i saying so? because all of we know that "Sorrow is the only one thing which makes an individual succeed in life"  i.e   like humiliation's by others due to poverty,lack of knowledge,appearance etc.To overcome those humiliations we try to achieve something that is called an achievement.On the way to our final achievement(i.e goal) we come across many small and medium scale achievements with which we are quite happy when compared to our initial situation and start's leaving the rest which keeps you satisfied for that time.

 After a few weeks or month's or years you start feeling that "i should n't stop at that day".

        The more time you remember the "Sorrow"The more you get "Success" in life.I think we can name this  as "S-S" (sorrow -success) strategy  i.e sorrow leads to success. and even the reverse may also happen quite often that we discuss in our future posts.

                    Happy to hear your opinions........

Common Answer to many questions.....

                                 "Silence" its the answer to many questions

Suppose when you came across a situation where u don't know what to do .Then just be calm than interfering in it and making it more worse because being silent makes us to understand the situation more effectively than others who are involving in it physically.

   The reason to say so is a Silent person do only one job that is to understand the situation where as the other need to understand it and need to speak in favor or  against.It mean doing a single job is better than doing twice.


life becomes interesting if u don't think!

      Yes when you feel that ur day to day life  is boring.just stop the next thought in your mind it mean that ur not going to predict any thing of future events similar to watching a movie with out predicting what is next scene.
Definitely after sometime  a type of curiosity to know future will develop in us which makes our life interesting

            Have a try .........Happy to hear ur opinions

I have studied 14 hours a day , he studied hardly an hour

  "I have studied 14 hours a day , he studied hardly an hour but  he scored good marks than me, there is something going against me" These type of thinking exists in hardworking students who were filled with disappointment and regression.
         Basically what is going on is that the path which a bright student opt to face exams is an easy and intelligent one than the poor students opt one.

        For example an intelligent bright student takes only the necessary data where as poor one's take all the stuff in the textbook.This increase the study time nothing more use than it.

    An bright student always searches for the new ways to  think about   concepts where as the other use's the old and traditional methods which makes him to stay behind in race of education.

What will i do when i don't like someone?

            Before answering this question .Firstly we must know that if we don't like someone mean that "certain qualities of that person" is against our own qualities, that's it .nothing else than that.

              We must  stick to oppose that quality in that person than entirely hating him.
if we don't like someone(lets a colleague) then it is better n't to talk anything bad about him in-front of others because there may be a chance that a certain character like "speaking bad against all whom u don't like" may develop in u .This will entirely spoil both u'r attitude and degrade u'r position in public.

    It is better to be quiet at all matter's of the one whom u don't like unless and until there is no damage to u.even though he may speak something bad about u only try to protect yourself than re-attacking him.
this will increase Ur dignity among the rest of people.


What to plan for future?

                     My answer to this question is "Nothing".

       When i started to read the life story's of many  successful person's .most common situation many of  they came across is that "they wanted to become something and in reality they became something"  i.e if he dreamed to become doctor but became an actor.

    This is because if one knows what they really r  then their dream (i.e   to become in future) come into reality.else  gets reversed.In course of our daily life span  its the nature decides what is opt for u .

        why i am saying so? is that anything molded upon itself that is via nature or naturally is the best one for ever .In the same way certain qualities in u come to reality upon without knowing to u itself.we must leave to go naturally (i.e when ur heart says to do something,u come up with another).

       The nature itself decides the best successful  field for every individual.we just need to wait for the time to come.and when if comes .we need to put our efforts in it.


single easy step to double your adsence income?

         The only single easy step is :

               just try the different layouts of ad-sense units with different colors ,placement areas ,link units etc. 

           Every blog has its own top earning spot which we just need to figure it.if we are n't testing our adsense units means we are just leaving our top earning spot and confined our earning to one which is a part of it.

        just give a try, and use u'r adsense effectively.

       waiting  to listen u'r experiences ...........................................

When can i quiet my job?

              A simple answer is :

          when you exists in one place and your passion exists in other place, better you can quiet out of your job.

  what happens if i continue in the same job which i was n't interested?

        if u are doing so means u are limiting your own capability to become something else which you are happy of doing and even something bigger than the present one.

          The day by day challenges which u need to meet in your job are n't met effectively unless and until it becomes u'r field of interest or love,ultimately u loose both happiness and even reputation.

       Any thing which u love to do gives u the best outputs when compared to all of Ur works which in turn earn you both money and fame.more over you are filled with happiness  which can't be valued.

            Happiness is the key to every success.