Quality content comes from the minds of readers via comments

*Make Posts that generate large amount of comments:

Did you know that a quality comment on your blog is similar to a post you wrote in your blog (in the sense of bringing you the traffic).

There are many sub topics with in your niche where many people have
difference in their opinions regarding a certain issue based on the possible factors considered .i don't mean you to take a complete controversial topic.

but i personally recommend never take complete controversial subjects
which are nevertheless useful to public such as " is the seed first or tree" ,"is
the egg or chick".

Questions that generate comments:

At the end of each post place a question in which every person has the doubt
in them and there is a need of further individual opinions .but not a type of question asking him what is "2+3".if the question is a good one both it may results in helping your visitors in clearing their doubts and also increases the no of comments .i think you got my point.

can you agree with me the type of content through comments?

(oops ! i think this question come into "2+3" category)