open secret on how google calculates pagerank?

 As we all know that Google page rank matters a lot.Like the name itself "page
rank".Google allots a rank between 0-10(max) or "no rank" for a page it crawls.
Depending on the page rank the search results are shown in Google search engine

 Coming to the point,The simple and the most effective strategy it takes into
consideration is no of quality back links your page have.That means no of pages
on other websites voted for your page on your blog.

 Clearly to say that it calculates the total value of pages voted for your page.

   Here comes the open secret formula
     PR(your page)=(Page rank(a)/x)+(page rank(b)/y)+(page rank(c)/z)+.................

              a ,b,c are the page of website that your blog is linked.

               x= no of outbound links that page "a" contain.

               y=no of outbound links that page "b" contain.
               z=no of outbound links that page "c" contain.

     Note that the page rank of website is different from the page rank of a particular page that your blog link is kept.

    lets say there are three pages a,b,c whose page ranks are 3,4,5 and the no of outbound links on each page including your page are 2,25,10 then page rank of your page is

     page rank(your page)= (3/2)+(4/25)+(5/10)


                        =2.16 = ~2
you will be given a page rank of 2

Now you got the point on how Google calculates page rank and Here are the thoughts in your mind

     1)    How can i increase the page rank of my blog?

     2)    How can i find a better page ranked blog or page?