How can i find a better page rank blog ?

This is that much easy how i wrote the title.There are tools available to do so .
One of it is the firfox add on buttons.

you can find the page rank of the blog which you surf by simply having a look
at the deep bottom corner of your browser.

see the page rank of a sample blog at the corner it is (4/10) and 24,261 is the
Alexa page rank.

Here is the Google page rank tool for you 
 live page rank tool for FireFox

open secret on how google calculates pagerank?

 As we all know that Google page rank matters a lot.Like the name itself "page
rank".Google allots a rank between 0-10(max) or "no rank" for a page it crawls.
Depending on the page rank the search results are shown in Google search engine

 Coming to the point,The simple and the most effective strategy it takes into
consideration is no of quality back links your page have.That means no of pages
on other websites voted for your page on your blog.

 Clearly to say that it calculates the total value of pages voted for your page.

   Here comes the open secret formula
     PR(your page)=(Page rank(a)/x)+(page rank(b)/y)+(page rank(c)/z)+.................

              a ,b,c are the page of website that your blog is linked.

               x= no of outbound links that page "a" contain.

               y=no of outbound links that page "b" contain.
               z=no of outbound links that page "c" contain.

     Note that the page rank of website is different from the page rank of a particular page that your blog link is kept.

    lets say there are three pages a,b,c whose page ranks are 3,4,5 and the no of outbound links on each page including your page are 2,25,10 then page rank of your page is

     page rank(your page)= (3/2)+(4/25)+(5/10)


                        =2.16 = ~2
you will be given a page rank of 2

Now you got the point on how Google calculates page rank and Here are the thoughts in your mind

     1)    How can i increase the page rank of my blog?

     2)    How can i find a better page ranked blog or page?

Quality content comes from the minds of readers via comments

*Make Posts that generate large amount of comments:

Did you know that a quality comment on your blog is similar to a post you wrote in your blog (in the sense of bringing you the traffic).

There are many sub topics with in your niche where many people have
difference in their opinions regarding a certain issue based on the possible factors considered .i don't mean you to take a complete controversial topic.

but i personally recommend never take complete controversial subjects
which are nevertheless useful to public such as " is the seed first or tree" ,"is
the egg or chick".

Questions that generate comments:

At the end of each post place a question in which every person has the doubt
in them and there is a need of further individual opinions .but not a type of question asking him what is "2+3".if the question is a good one both it may results in helping your visitors in clearing their doubts and also increases the no of comments .i think you got my point.

can you agree with me the type of content through comments?

(oops ! i think this question come into "2+3" category)

Generate free and Fresh content via guest posts

As every one know that content is the king and it is going to keep you to compete with other bloggers.

To generate large amount of income or to increase your traffic a large number of quality posts are needed how ever it is quite not possible for a single to provide .He has to generalize the principle of quantity.

For income to be passive we need to automate the blog with fresh  updates to your blog .you can follow any of the following methods

Smart method:

   *collect the content from your readers who used to blog for hobby ,such as guest posts.

  provide the guest authors the maximum incentives such as

1) Allot him the signature box at the end of posts he writes
2) Give them the quality back links to their blogs
3) Select the best posts and give them the necessary recognition.