Reputation makes your blog to Make money online

As on observation  we can  found many blogs whose page rank are same as those of top blogger s blogs like Darren Rowse ,Jeremy Schoemaker.But when they are at public they were n't so recognized as of Darren or shoe-money.This is meant of reputation they have received over the past 5 years.

Reputation Effecting Levels:

The success of blogs to an extent of 50% doesn't effected by reputation so much as of  going on towards of 100% success .This is the most important factor that effects you to stand ahead from other blogger's in the blogosphere .

Here i have taken Alexa rank as of reference.

Level 1: To Get Rank Below <999,999

      To reach to level 1 ,you will n't come across reputation any more at least of 1%.All you have to do is to provide unique content daily matters Even the post length is of 10-20 lines.You will get a page rank below 999,999 in less than 10 days even with out building any backlinks.

Success meter To Level 1:
Reputation : 0%     Backlinks: 0%       Unique content:100% 

Level 2: To Get Rank below <99,99

     Along with unique content and small amount of Search engine Optimization techniques can bring your page rank below 99,99.Out of Search engine optimization Creating Quality back links plays a key role in this level.
As the Traffic goes on increasing the reputation and the loyal readers start to grow in this level.
The time taken to get your blog to this level for an average person who had a basic knowledge of how Google calculates a page rank is of  6-12 months.