Question on Blog Post Length

This is entirely different to think from my previous post(quality or quantity of posts).

Actually this question doesn't appear for some blogger's who actually try to help their readers in making some money through their blog .This occurs for those who maintain multiple number of niche website in a single block of time or who tries to earn easy money or fast money.

For most of blog posts the length of post depends on the message you try to convey.

For example for the posts like news that happened recently.Your reader is interested in finding what happened first rather than other stuff.If you write a post of length 100-200 lines on news Definitely he Quiets your post and skip to another blog to know that incident.You can over come this case either by highlighting the matter.Of course it may decrease your visitors time on your site but staying for little time is rather better than simply quieting your blog.

If your post depends on providing answer to a problem.It must comprise of your rreferences,investigation,opinions of people who used them,advantages of taking that step,causes and effects.

If you write at least a paragraph for each side heading the post itself becomes long.


So write the post leaving the length,If you are maintaing multiple blogs go directly to the solution and keep up to the point.

Happy to hear your opinions on this post