Is Blogging meant for intelligent blogger's?

May be not,Lets have a question,
Who were the most successful among the scientists newton or Einstein ?
          Though Albert Einstein was great,the most successful was is of newton itself Due to his most acceptable theory's in the fields of Mechanics,Optics,Gravity,Calculus etc.
Like wise intelligence is n't the question to be taken while deciding to start a blog or n't.

       For Example
A post on "How to add Recent Posts widget to your blog" is published by many blogger's even before.But Even Now we see the posts meant on it published recently .Those posts are going good enough for the blog.

The reason behind success of those posts is ,They are "Meeting the supply based on Demand".As Day by day passing the internet is exploring a lot.And even many youngsters are taking blogging as their profession.For every blog they need a "recent post "widget .A Single post on a single website on that topic can't meet the demand of people and hence similar posts on other websites are also going good.

    What i meant is even those people who are making intelligent posts and most helpful posts came from the stage of making similar posts to other popular posts.

   so Don't fear about thinking that blogging is meant only for intelligent blogger's.And the next thing to tell you is "Intelligence" is another path to the success(may be Quickest path)but n't the only path to success.

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