Interesting post Every blogger Tries to Know from you?

If your blog is successful in getting a good page rank from Google.The Next step for you is to increase your traffic stats as possible as you can.This is to earn significant amount of earnings from wide range of programmes such as "adsense,info links,Chitika,direct ad sales,Affiliate marketing,and other referral programmes".

      You can make this worked on by increasing the number of posts.Though non topic posts also can make you earn good money.

   Lets have a simple Question?

        Can you tell that is you interested in knowing my revenue for this blog?

Ans: Of course,yes out of 100 ,90 will have the intention to know how much is  this blog earning(if it has good page rank) and what are the means i am following to do so.Hardly a 10 will go deep and have a research on you and your earning methods.

         So make posts on your Monthly statistics of earning,and about its trend when compared to previous months.And the consequences you have followed to do so.Predict the cases what things made you to increase or decrease your monthly earnings and future set up month goals.

My Story on How i Found it is

Recently while i was surfing through the internet to know some new things.I came across a blog,in which i unexpectedly made 15 page views with in minutes point of time.

After some time when i recovered and thought about it, i  have came up with the above conclusions.
And the 15 page views is of the 15 months earning reports of him.He has Started an 1,1/2 year blog and the trend how its go on increasing traffic along with earnings.
  This is due to the fact that i love to make money through blogging.

Happy to hear your opinions on it