Install Alexa Tool Bar to Boost Your Page Rank

Is This Your Thought that will Alexa tool bar definitely increases my page rank,Of Course! Yes Mentally But n't Physically.Let me Explain Your clearly.

As this is of first post for me in this blog . i often read blogs to Gain something whose Alexa rank is between 100,000 to 1,000,000.
Why i choose these ranks is to know their change in personality as the rank goes on decreasing.
My Investigation

My investigation Shows me differences in the quality of posts from the blogger's whose rate of success Varies.

The First post Was Qualified for the level that it provides Value For the search Results and the last post which was posted after an year May have to get value from search results.(Investigation is of Failure blogs)

In Both Cases you don't get your page rank down (Regarding a single post) when it comes to the matter that providing value posts are less than value getting posts.Your blog will n't be found
anywhere in Google search results even if you type our entire domain name.

Coming to the investigation What caused the difference between first and last post is called as "enthusiasm".

It is the word Which keeps you ahead from all the runners and drive you hard enough until you reach your goal.

Alexa is Building your enthusiasm along with Quality
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