How to increase my page rank via link building?

Before Explain you how to increase your page rank,first of all i would like to show you how Google calculates the page rank.Then you can easily think which things can help to increase your page rank.

There are many strategies that Google follows to give you a page rank,among them the most popular every one happens to practice is"creation of quality back links to their pages".

The page rank is calculated by adding the total value of links that the page have received

Let a page on a website has page rank 1(lets take its value as 12 points).If the page with page rank 1 has 10 outbound links to other websites(all of them must be of "do follow links")then the total 12 points will be divided into 10 parts of 1.2 and each outbound links get one part.

Like wise the total value a link get from all other websites constitutes the preference in the search engine and is given a good page rank.

Do's And Don's About links building


* Never blindly submit your link to the every site you visit and every web directory that offer free link to submit.

*There's nothing profit but a waste of time to think about submitting your blog to as many directories as possible.

*Create links only for the initialization of your blog .Never try to make it as a job and don't spend your almost time on link building rather than concentrating on the content.

*Never take the advantage of quantity link building rather than quality building.Quantity never lasts for long time its quality link that keeps your blog ahead.

*Google doesn't support this type of link building,they just need all this link building to be done automatically benefiting the page as useful content page.

*The Term automatically in the above sentence mean that Based on the usefulness the page gets promoted,let me explain

If you like a post on a website ,that you want it to share with your readers,friends etc.

Then you automatically sends the page link to your readers via a website,to friends via Twitter or face book.that means you have created a quality link to that post as you found it helpfully.

*more Stuff links can give you negative effect also.