How long will it take for google to index my page?

The most Famous Question that a new blogger asks every time after submitting his blogger to Google.

As my blog is new when i was writing this post.It took 6 Days for my blog to list in Google,you can observe that my first post is on" jan 12" and this post is on 19th jan.

But this time is not same for all blogs.As there are lot of posts available on this question.some claim that it will take 2-4 weeks for Google to index the website,the other says it took a couple of hours for my blog to get listed.

The actual thing is Generally for Google bot(spiders) who index your blog and include them in their index ,crawls over the web repeatedly after a period of 2-4 weeks.

if your blog is indexed in Google with in hours mean that you posted your link in the blog which Google bot just started to crawl.So it took less time for Google to index your page.

It happened unexpectedly to list in hours,you can't find where the Google bot is now presently indexing. For those sites which took 4 weeks to index by Google bot mean that the link to their blog is just posted on a website where Google bot just completed the crawl.

Here are some tips so that with in a week you can get your blog indexed.

* If your blog is of ,no need for you to submit your blog to Google,Google takes them automatically as it is of their site.

*Verify your blog in "Google webmaster tools" and also in "Google Analytic s" as there is a lot of probability that Google checks webmaster tools every day .

*Create a back link to your site from popular sites whose Alexa rank is below 1000.As Google bot index's the popular sites most frequently may be once a day.