How can your Google adsense account get approved?

As we all know that AdSense is designed for niche sites rather than for mp3 blogs or any other sites where bad stuff is provided such as porn etc.

Even though AdSense is not meant for mp3 blogs we can see the AdSense ads in many mp3 blogs .Before knowing how they get their AdSense account you need to know a little bit about "".

Google with the help of Pyre labs created this 1999) mainly to full fill the idea of advertising.

what they thought is to provide free domain and hosting for the blogger's and to encourage them ,so that they can share the information they like with in free of cost and easily.Means they designed especially for Google AdSense.

What you are going to do to get your AdSense account approved is
create a blog in blogger and make at least 10 post's of your own interest may be anything of cooking ,food or any thing you like.

Don't worry if you don't have capability to write.There are many article directories where they provide you free articles.copy them and keep your blog approved for AdSense.

Once If your AdSense account get's approved you can use it in any number of blogs.

Note: Copied articles effect only search engine traffic ,They don't effect in making your blog approved for AdSense.

Happy Earnings.