Confusion to maintain Quality or Quanlity posts to earn money

After Writing this Post i came across a confidence that i can make my readers to come to a
conclusion on that confusion.

Will You Wait for the holiday to declare when it comes the Day Xmas?
Of course! no,Because we are clear to celebrate that day whether it is holiday or not.
Like wise unless you decide whether quality or quantity you may not blog successfully.

Problem looks Here:

While you started blogging with out deciding quality or quantity,for the first or for few posts it may be OK. but on latter stages when it comes the deeper parts of blogging the following problems occur,

* No significant amount of Traffic even of better marketing
* Zero or less Percentage of Returning Visitors
* less Count of subscriptions
* not listed for better keywords,even listed keywords have less number of
search criteria
*Page Rank goes on falling due to less number of quality back links.(As Back links are not only the criteria to decide a page rank)

If we go on so,we can come across those problems which we can't expect. may be there some whose luck brings them traffic.But i think out of 100, hardly a one may be of you can skip this post if your are the one.

No Doubt it is Quality to Represent you an author in the niche market.i Can get you to some conclusion with some mathematics.

Quality+Quantity =1

As you goes on increasing the quantity,With out noticing by you the quality definitely decreases.(Basic Principle of Nature)

Let, on first day of blogging you write only one post and you goes on increasing by a number one up to 10 days.On the last day you have came to a stage to write 10 posts a day.

Day 1:

Quantity = .1 (as of compared to 10 posts)
Quality =.9

*Will Keep your 9 visitors to return out of 10.
*May be one or two subscribe to your posts as subscriptions are less when compared to daily traffic number

Day 2:

Quantity =.2
Quality =.8 (8 visitors out of 10)

Day 3:

Quality =.7 (7 visitors out of 10)

Goes on ......

Day 10:

Quantity =1
quality =0

This is the stage when you face the problems stated above.Then some comes to wrong conclusion that writing 10 posts a day is crime and you have to pay nice value for your mistake.

As We all Know that there are many who write more than 10 posts a day and there blogs have great amount of Statistics which i mentioned above. We often call them with a sweet name like "internet Guru" or "online guru".

Internet or Online Guru's Concept:

What they do is They entirely raise the value of "1"(Quality+Quantity).
Confused,let me explain clearly:

As of normal web publisher earns an amount of $100 with combination of Quality and Quantity of posts(i Mean it as Value of "1").

For those who Call we as Internet guru's has this value as $1000 or Even more.That's the matter they have.

Along with the quantity they gets to a position to maintain or even raise quality of posts after a stage of posts(This Stage Depends on you,i will write a post on this stages soon ).


If you are capable to maintain both the quality and quantity it is awesome and soon we can see you as an internet guru(A little marketing skills are also needed).
But is hard to get good rank only with quantity with out quality.
So prefer Quality than Quantity,this is my personal advice and the rest is up to you

i think you got my point,i am happy to read your opinions about it and on my post.

While writing this post,another question came across my mind that,
whether to maintain short or long post?
i think i have to write another post on it,