How To Make Money With Google Adsense

Here on this post I am going to show you how this line "how to make money with Google adsense"
is making money for "" .

My investigation Starts here:

Keyword 1:

When i typed this phrase "make money with google adsense" on Google search engine
i came with the results shown on the screen shot.

The first result is of "" stating about the post and its Alexa rank according to that day statistics is of "9,934".

The second is of Google better to leave it than to compare.
Coming to the third result it is "" whose rank is "65"
You can see the Alexa status bar below every website on the screen shot.

Keyword 2:

When i typed the following phrase "make money with adsense"in search box i got
the following results on screen shot.

only one word is missed in the keyword 2,it is "Google".

The First Result is Again "" (Screen shot is little disturbed,but you can find it on Google search results by just typing keyword 2).
The Second and third Results varied.

keyword 3:
when i typed the phrase "how to make money with Google adsense". i came with the following results.

Again the first result is of "".Can you guess what happened think and make your own conclusion before reading my conclusion.

My conclusion:

What happened is the author of "" made use of the exactly "keyword matching technique".So in the second keyword strategy" has got good rank than ""(i mean post page rank) which has rank of '65'.

Have a look at the following screen shot.

How the line "how to make money with Google adsense" making money for "" than the ""(meant only for that post)?

Ans: The post on "" has exposed to total volume search of
14,800+6,600+4,400=25,800 with CPC's Varying between "$2.96 -$3.78".
Where as the post on "" has only exposed only to volume of 6,600+4,400=11,000 and
of CPC $3.78-$3.51.

Even it is of small traffic volume when compared to statistics of "".
But it matters when we compare one post on both sides.

Another Thing to note is the page rank's of both posts, every one visits the post on only after visiting post on "" since it is on top of the page(basic mind theory of a person who search for something)

Note: I have made this post n't to criticize "", just to show my readers the power of intelligent thinking.
Another thing is Either the author of "" have made the title to fit for all the search's or it happened unintentionally .
We can find this only when the author of "" reads this post.

Happy to hear your opinions