How can i find a better page rank blog ?

This is that much easy how i wrote the title.There are tools available to do so .
One of it is the firfox add on buttons.

you can find the page rank of the blog which you surf by simply having a look
at the deep bottom corner of your browser.

see the page rank of a sample blog at the corner it is (4/10) and 24,261 is the
Alexa page rank.

Here is the Google page rank tool for you 
 live page rank tool for FireFox

open secret on how google calculates pagerank?

 As we all know that Google page rank matters a lot.Like the name itself "page
rank".Google allots a rank between 0-10(max) or "no rank" for a page it crawls.
Depending on the page rank the search results are shown in Google search engine

 Coming to the point,The simple and the most effective strategy it takes into
consideration is no of quality back links your page have.That means no of pages
on other websites voted for your page on your blog.

 Clearly to say that it calculates the total value of pages voted for your page.

   Here comes the open secret formula
     PR(your page)=(Page rank(a)/x)+(page rank(b)/y)+(page rank(c)/z)+.................

              a ,b,c are the page of website that your blog is linked.

               x= no of outbound links that page "a" contain.

               y=no of outbound links that page "b" contain.
               z=no of outbound links that page "c" contain.

     Note that the page rank of website is different from the page rank of a particular page that your blog link is kept.

    lets say there are three pages a,b,c whose page ranks are 3,4,5 and the no of outbound links on each page including your page are 2,25,10 then page rank of your page is

     page rank(your page)= (3/2)+(4/25)+(5/10)


                        =2.16 = ~2
you will be given a page rank of 2

Now you got the point on how Google calculates page rank and Here are the thoughts in your mind

     1)    How can i increase the page rank of my blog?

     2)    How can i find a better page ranked blog or page?

Quality content comes from the minds of readers via comments

*Make Posts that generate large amount of comments:

Did you know that a quality comment on your blog is similar to a post you wrote in your blog (in the sense of bringing you the traffic).

There are many sub topics with in your niche where many people have
difference in their opinions regarding a certain issue based on the possible factors considered .i don't mean you to take a complete controversial topic.

but i personally recommend never take complete controversial subjects
which are nevertheless useful to public such as " is the seed first or tree" ,"is
the egg or chick".

Questions that generate comments:

At the end of each post place a question in which every person has the doubt
in them and there is a need of further individual opinions .but not a type of question asking him what is "2+3".if the question is a good one both it may results in helping your visitors in clearing their doubts and also increases the no of comments .i think you got my point.

can you agree with me the type of content through comments?

(oops ! i think this question come into "2+3" category)

Generate free and Fresh content via guest posts

As every one know that content is the king and it is going to keep you to compete with other bloggers.

To generate large amount of income or to increase your traffic a large number of quality posts are needed how ever it is quite not possible for a single to provide .He has to generalize the principle of quantity.

For income to be passive we need to automate the blog with fresh  updates to your blog .you can follow any of the following methods

Smart method:

   *collect the content from your readers who used to blog for hobby ,such as guest posts.

  provide the guest authors the maximum incentives such as

1) Allot him the signature box at the end of posts he writes
2) Give them the quality back links to their blogs
3) Select the best posts and give them the necessary recognition.

Reputation makes your blog to Make money online

As on observation  we can  found many blogs whose page rank are same as those of top blogger s blogs like Darren Rowse ,Jeremy Schoemaker.But when they are at public they were n't so recognized as of Darren or shoe-money.This is meant of reputation they have received over the past 5 years.

Reputation Effecting Levels:

The success of blogs to an extent of 50% doesn't effected by reputation so much as of  going on towards of 100% success .This is the most important factor that effects you to stand ahead from other blogger's in the blogosphere .

Here i have taken Alexa rank as of reference.

Level 1: To Get Rank Below <999,999

      To reach to level 1 ,you will n't come across reputation any more at least of 1%.All you have to do is to provide unique content daily matters Even the post length is of 10-20 lines.You will get a page rank below 999,999 in less than 10 days even with out building any backlinks.

Success meter To Level 1:
Reputation : 0%     Backlinks: 0%       Unique content:100% 

Level 2: To Get Rank below <99,99

     Along with unique content and small amount of Search engine Optimization techniques can bring your page rank below 99,99.Out of Search engine optimization Creating Quality back links plays a key role in this level.
As the Traffic goes on increasing the reputation and the loyal readers start to grow in this level.
The time taken to get your blog to this level for an average person who had a basic knowledge of how Google calculates a page rank is of  6-12 months.

Is Blogging meant for intelligent blogger's?

May be not,Lets have a question,
Who were the most successful among the scientists newton or Einstein ?
          Though Albert Einstein was great,the most successful was is of newton itself Due to his most acceptable theory's in the fields of Mechanics,Optics,Gravity,Calculus etc.
Like wise intelligence is n't the question to be taken while deciding to start a blog or n't.

       For Example
A post on "How to add Recent Posts widget to your blog" is published by many blogger's even before.But Even Now we see the posts meant on it published recently .Those posts are going good enough for the blog.

The reason behind success of those posts is ,They are "Meeting the supply based on Demand".As Day by day passing the internet is exploring a lot.And even many youngsters are taking blogging as their profession.For every blog they need a "recent post "widget .A Single post on a single website on that topic can't meet the demand of people and hence similar posts on other websites are also going good.

    What i meant is even those people who are making intelligent posts and most helpful posts came from the stage of making similar posts to other popular posts.

   so Don't fear about thinking that blogging is meant only for intelligent blogger's.And the next thing to tell you is "Intelligence" is another path to the success(may be Quickest path)but n't the only path to success.

* Interesting post Every Blogger Tries to read

How to Add Recent Posts widget To your Blog With Out any HTML?

As We all know that better navigation is also one of the  means to increase your page views and page rank.
The more comfort we provide for our readers to get what they wanted ,and they  likely stays on our blog long.
This can be done by providing them "Recent Posts" and "Related Posts".Widgets.

 How To Add recent Posts?

1 Log on your blogger account
2 Click on Layout Button
3 Then Click On Add a Widget or Add a Gadget Button,
4 Add Feed widget From the available Widgets
5 Then The following Window Appears
    6 Copy the following url and Paste it there
  Don't Forgot to replace XXXXXX with your blog url

Note:This Features Limits to show Only 5 recent Posts,i think 5 are sufficient to show as recent posts.


Interesting post Every blogger Tries to Know from you?

If your blog is successful in getting a good page rank from Google.The Next step for you is to increase your traffic stats as possible as you can.This is to earn significant amount of earnings from wide range of programmes such as "adsense,info links,Chitika,direct ad sales,Affiliate marketing,and other referral programmes".

      You can make this worked on by increasing the number of posts.Though non topic posts also can make you earn good money.

   Lets have a simple Question?

        Can you tell that is you interested in knowing my revenue for this blog?

Ans: Of course,yes out of 100 ,90 will have the intention to know how much is  this blog earning(if it has good page rank) and what are the means i am following to do so.Hardly a 10 will go deep and have a research on you and your earning methods.

         So make posts on your Monthly statistics of earning,and about its trend when compared to previous months.And the consequences you have followed to do so.Predict the cases what things made you to increase or decrease your monthly earnings and future set up month goals.

My Story on How i Found it is

Recently while i was surfing through the internet to know some new things.I came across a blog,in which i unexpectedly made 15 page views with in minutes point of time.

After some time when i recovered and thought about it, i  have came up with the above conclusions.
And the 15 page views is of the 15 months earning reports of him.He has Started an 1,1/2 year blog and the trend how its go on increasing traffic along with earnings.
  This is due to the fact that i love to make money through blogging.

Happy to hear your opinions on it

How to increase my page rank via link building?

Before Explain you how to increase your page rank,first of all i would like to show you how Google calculates the page rank.Then you can easily think which things can help to increase your page rank.

There are many strategies that Google follows to give you a page rank,among them the most popular every one happens to practice is"creation of quality back links to their pages".

The page rank is calculated by adding the total value of links that the page have received

Let a page on a website has page rank 1(lets take its value as 12 points).If the page with page rank 1 has 10 outbound links to other websites(all of them must be of "do follow links")then the total 12 points will be divided into 10 parts of 1.2 and each outbound links get one part.

Like wise the total value a link get from all other websites constitutes the preference in the search engine and is given a good page rank.

Do's And Don's About links building


* Never blindly submit your link to the every site you visit and every web directory that offer free link to submit.

*There's nothing profit but a waste of time to think about submitting your blog to as many directories as possible.

*Create links only for the initialization of your blog .Never try to make it as a job and don't spend your almost time on link building rather than concentrating on the content.

*Never take the advantage of quantity link building rather than quality building.Quantity never lasts for long time its quality link that keeps your blog ahead.

*Google doesn't support this type of link building,they just need all this link building to be done automatically benefiting the page as useful content page.

*The Term automatically in the above sentence mean that Based on the usefulness the page gets promoted,let me explain

If you like a post on a website ,that you want it to share with your readers,friends etc.

Then you automatically sends the page link to your readers via a website,to friends via Twitter or face book.that means you have created a quality link to that post as you found it helpfully.

*more Stuff links can give you negative effect also.

5 things that a reader do before going through your post?

1 He First Scans your post,if he found any good points he go through your post

2 He checks the truthfulness of your post,it means he indirectly checks the effective truthfulness of the author

3 He thinks how other reader's react to you and to your blog.

4 He checks the appearance of your blog means how many ads are you placing.

5 And other things such as page rank,and no of years took for you to come to this page rank indirectly tells him how the readers showing interest on your post.

How long will it take for google to index my page?

The most Famous Question that a new blogger asks every time after submitting his blogger to Google.

As my blog is new when i was writing this post.It took 6 Days for my blog to list in Google,you can observe that my first post is on" jan 12" and this post is on 19th jan.

But this time is not same for all blogs.As there are lot of posts available on this question.some claim that it will take 2-4 weeks for Google to index the website,the other says it took a couple of hours for my blog to get listed.

The actual thing is Generally for Google bot(spiders) who index your blog and include them in their index ,crawls over the web repeatedly after a period of 2-4 weeks.

if your blog is indexed in Google with in hours mean that you posted your link in the blog which Google bot just started to crawl.So it took less time for Google to index your page.

It happened unexpectedly to list in hours,you can't find where the Google bot is now presently indexing. For those sites which took 4 weeks to index by Google bot mean that the link to their blog is just posted on a website where Google bot just completed the crawl.

Here are some tips so that with in a week you can get your blog indexed.

* If your blog is of ,no need for you to submit your blog to Google,Google takes them automatically as it is of their site.

*Verify your blog in "Google webmaster tools" and also in "Google Analytic s" as there is a lot of probability that Google checks webmaster tools every day .

*Create a back link to your site from popular sites whose Alexa rank is below 1000.As Google bot index's the popular sites most frequently may be once a day.

How can your Google adsense account get approved?

As we all know that AdSense is designed for niche sites rather than for mp3 blogs or any other sites where bad stuff is provided such as porn etc.

Even though AdSense is not meant for mp3 blogs we can see the AdSense ads in many mp3 blogs .Before knowing how they get their AdSense account you need to know a little bit about "".

Google with the help of Pyre labs created this 1999) mainly to full fill the idea of advertising.

what they thought is to provide free domain and hosting for the blogger's and to encourage them ,so that they can share the information they like with in free of cost and easily.Means they designed especially for Google AdSense.

What you are going to do to get your AdSense account approved is
create a blog in blogger and make at least 10 post's of your own interest may be anything of cooking ,food or any thing you like.

Don't worry if you don't have capability to write.There are many article directories where they provide you free articles.copy them and keep your blog approved for AdSense.

Once If your AdSense account get's approved you can use it in any number of blogs.

Note: Copied articles effect only search engine traffic ,They don't effect in making your blog approved for AdSense.

Happy Earnings.

How To Make Money With Google Adsense

Here on this post I am going to show you how this line "how to make money with Google adsense"
is making money for "" .

My investigation Starts here:

Keyword 1:

When i typed this phrase "make money with google adsense" on Google search engine
i came with the results shown on the screen shot.

The first result is of "" stating about the post and its Alexa rank according to that day statistics is of "9,934".

The second is of Google better to leave it than to compare.
Coming to the third result it is "" whose rank is "65"
You can see the Alexa status bar below every website on the screen shot.

Keyword 2:

When i typed the following phrase "make money with adsense"in search box i got
the following results on screen shot.

only one word is missed in the keyword 2,it is "Google".

The First Result is Again "" (Screen shot is little disturbed,but you can find it on Google search results by just typing keyword 2).
The Second and third Results varied.

keyword 3:
when i typed the phrase "how to make money with Google adsense". i came with the following results.

Again the first result is of "".Can you guess what happened think and make your own conclusion before reading my conclusion.

My conclusion:

What happened is the author of "" made use of the exactly "keyword matching technique".So in the second keyword strategy" has got good rank than ""(i mean post page rank) which has rank of '65'.

Have a look at the following screen shot.

How the line "how to make money with Google adsense" making money for "" than the ""(meant only for that post)?

Ans: The post on "" has exposed to total volume search of
14,800+6,600+4,400=25,800 with CPC's Varying between "$2.96 -$3.78".
Where as the post on "" has only exposed only to volume of 6,600+4,400=11,000 and
of CPC $3.78-$3.51.

Even it is of small traffic volume when compared to statistics of "".
But it matters when we compare one post on both sides.

Another Thing to note is the page rank's of both posts, every one visits the post on only after visiting post on "" since it is on top of the page(basic mind theory of a person who search for something)

Note: I have made this post n't to criticize "", just to show my readers the power of intelligent thinking.
Another thing is Either the author of "" have made the title to fit for all the search's or it happened unintentionally .
We can find this only when the author of "" reads this post.

Happy to hear your opinions

Question on Blog Post Length

This is entirely different to think from my previous post(quality or quantity of posts).

Actually this question doesn't appear for some blogger's who actually try to help their readers in making some money through their blog .This occurs for those who maintain multiple number of niche website in a single block of time or who tries to earn easy money or fast money.

For most of blog posts the length of post depends on the message you try to convey.

For example for the posts like news that happened recently.Your reader is interested in finding what happened first rather than other stuff.If you write a post of length 100-200 lines on news Definitely he Quiets your post and skip to another blog to know that incident.You can over come this case either by highlighting the matter.Of course it may decrease your visitors time on your site but staying for little time is rather better than simply quieting your blog.

If your post depends on providing answer to a problem.It must comprise of your rreferences,investigation,opinions of people who used them,advantages of taking that step,causes and effects.

If you write at least a paragraph for each side heading the post itself becomes long.


So write the post leaving the length,If you are maintaing multiple blogs go directly to the solution and keep up to the point.

Happy to hear your opinions on this post

Confusion to maintain Quality or Quanlity posts to earn money

After Writing this Post i came across a confidence that i can make my readers to come to a
conclusion on that confusion.

Will You Wait for the holiday to declare when it comes the Day Xmas?
Of course! no,Because we are clear to celebrate that day whether it is holiday or not.
Like wise unless you decide whether quality or quantity you may not blog successfully.

Problem looks Here:

While you started blogging with out deciding quality or quantity,for the first or for few posts it may be OK. but on latter stages when it comes the deeper parts of blogging the following problems occur,

* No significant amount of Traffic even of better marketing
* Zero or less Percentage of Returning Visitors
* less Count of subscriptions
* not listed for better keywords,even listed keywords have less number of
search criteria
*Page Rank goes on falling due to less number of quality back links.(As Back links are not only the criteria to decide a page rank)

If we go on so,we can come across those problems which we can't expect. may be there some whose luck brings them traffic.But i think out of 100, hardly a one may be of you can skip this post if your are the one.

No Doubt it is Quality to Represent you an author in the niche market.i Can get you to some conclusion with some mathematics.

Quality+Quantity =1

As you goes on increasing the quantity,With out noticing by you the quality definitely decreases.(Basic Principle of Nature)

Let, on first day of blogging you write only one post and you goes on increasing by a number one up to 10 days.On the last day you have came to a stage to write 10 posts a day.

Day 1:

Quantity = .1 (as of compared to 10 posts)
Quality =.9

*Will Keep your 9 visitors to return out of 10.
*May be one or two subscribe to your posts as subscriptions are less when compared to daily traffic number

Day 2:

Quantity =.2
Quality =.8 (8 visitors out of 10)

Day 3:

Quality =.7 (7 visitors out of 10)

Goes on ......

Day 10:

Quantity =1
quality =0

This is the stage when you face the problems stated above.Then some comes to wrong conclusion that writing 10 posts a day is crime and you have to pay nice value for your mistake.

As We all Know that there are many who write more than 10 posts a day and there blogs have great amount of Statistics which i mentioned above. We often call them with a sweet name like "internet Guru" or "online guru".

Internet or Online Guru's Concept:

What they do is They entirely raise the value of "1"(Quality+Quantity).
Confused,let me explain clearly:

As of normal web publisher earns an amount of $100 with combination of Quality and Quantity of posts(i Mean it as Value of "1").

For those who Call we as Internet guru's has this value as $1000 or Even more.That's the matter they have.

Along with the quantity they gets to a position to maintain or even raise quality of posts after a stage of posts(This Stage Depends on you,i will write a post on this stages soon ).


If you are capable to maintain both the quality and quantity it is awesome and soon we can see you as an internet guru(A little marketing skills are also needed).
But is hard to get good rank only with quantity with out quality.
So prefer Quality than Quantity,this is my personal advice and the rest is up to you

i think you got my point,i am happy to read your opinions about it and on my post.

While writing this post,another question came across my mind that,
whether to maintain short or long post?
i think i have to write another post on it,

Another Word to Know in life "Success

When i Asked Myself what Success mean I came with this answer


" What Every one Talks About
Only a Few Reach" -Blogger2help

Tell Us What your Heart Say when you ask the same question ,
This is to Know What Success Really mean by successful Persons.

Photo Source:Flickr

Install Alexa Tool Bar to Boost Your Page Rank

Is This Your Thought that will Alexa tool bar definitely increases my page rank,Of Course! Yes Mentally But n't Physically.Let me Explain Your clearly.

As this is of first post for me in this blog . i often read blogs to Gain something whose Alexa rank is between 100,000 to 1,000,000.
Why i choose these ranks is to know their change in personality as the rank goes on decreasing.
My Investigation

My investigation Shows me differences in the quality of posts from the blogger's whose rate of success Varies.

The First post Was Qualified for the level that it provides Value For the search Results and the last post which was posted after an year May have to get value from search results.(Investigation is of Failure blogs)

In Both Cases you don't get your page rank down (Regarding a single post) when it comes to the matter that providing value posts are less than value getting posts.Your blog will n't be found
anywhere in Google search results even if you type our entire domain name.

Coming to the investigation What caused the difference between first and last post is called as "enthusiasm".

It is the word Which keeps you ahead from all the runners and drive you hard enough until you reach your goal.

Alexa is Building your enthusiasm along with Quality
Trade links